The Bookish Fae – New in Court

Hi! I’m Arianne, The Bookish Fae. I have been spending the past several years wandering between worlds, living a million lives. Each book I open leads me to a new magical world and I’m determined to travel farther than I have ever been to.

At 25, I’m right in that sweet spot where quarter-life crisis meets my writing frustration; and those two roads doesn’t seem to be diverging any time soon. So here I am, finding my way back to do the things I’ve always loved: reading and writing.

With this blog, I aim to allow myself more time to reflect on every book I read by writing reviews and, at the same time, shed light on some books that you may find interesting and worth reading. Young Adult Fantasy is my  favorite genre because I am a sucker for all things magical. Some of my favorite authors are Sarah J. Maas, Leigh Bardugo and Cassandra Clare (THE QUEENS!). I’m always on the lookout for new ones, though, because new authors mean new worlds to discover.

I’m also running a bookstagram account: @thebookishfae.

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